Dream Teacher Training

Dream Teacher Training is designed to prepare and empower gifted dreamers to lead classes and circles in Active Dreaming and apply the core techniques we have developed to many different environments to bring through creativity and healing for individuals and communities.

The Dream Teacher Training is deep, challenging and wide-ranging.  It is, among other things, a training in leadership, time management, creative improvisation, communication and storytelling. You’ll learn how to open and maintain sacred space, how to cope with “chaos” factors, how to help people heal their relationships and revitalize their workspace – and remember and honor their soul’s purpose and travel between the worlds. Some of our graduates go on to teach Dream School classes and workshops. Many marry the Active Dreaming techniques to an existing practice or community environment. Our graduates come from diverse backgrounds and include artists, entrepreneurs, producers and publicists as well as therapists, physicians, schoolteachers and social workers. What they share is a passion for dreaming and a passionate commitment to helping others to open to the gifts of healing, creativity, self-understanding and a larger life that become available through active dreaming.

In order to be considered for the Dream Teacher Training (Level One) you must have completed at least one depth workshop or online course with Robert Moss or an authorized teacher of Active Dreaming. So if you feel drawn to this path and have not personally experienced Robert’s work, the first step is to sign on for a preparatory workshop! Completion of the Level One training is a prerequisite for Level Two and Level Three. Expect creative “homeplay” assignments along the way.