Books & Media

Robert Moss’s books, audio and video productions will help you bring the creative and healing gifts of dreams into everyday life, revitalize your work and relationships, and journey to the furthest reaches of your imagination.

I am often asked where do you start if you are new to my books. The linear answer is: with CONSCIOUS DREAMING (my first and still my foundation book introducing my marriage of shamanism and dreamwork) and/or THE THREE “ONLY” THINGS (easily accessible, with lots of games I developed later, including the Lightning Dreamwork process and fun ways of navigating by synchronicity).   

The professor in me says: start with THE SECRET HISTORY OF DREAMING. The healer in me who loves to see the light of returning soul in the eyes says: go for DREAMING THE SOUL BACK HOME. The part of me who walks close to Death, and to dead poets, nominates THE DREAMER’S BOOK OF THE DEAD. The dream teacher who wants to see circles of active dreamers growing everywhere, now, says: ACTIVE DREAMING.   

The poet in me says: start with HERE, EVERYTHING IS DREAMING, filled with poems and stories that stream straight from the dreaming. The novelist in me says: go read the three novels in my Cycle of the Iroquois, FIRE ALONG THE SKY, THE FIREKEEPER and THE INTERPRETER. These flow from my dreams and “far memories” and are a window into the shamanic dreaming practices of Native Americans as well as the life dreams of pioneers on America’s first frontier.

The frequent flyer in me says, if you are already feel at home in the multiverse, and want more travel itineraries, go for DREAMGATES.  The fellow whose life was turned upside down, and is still turning, after an ancient Mohawk/Huron woman shaman called him in dreams and visions, says, go for DREAMWAYS OF THE IROQUOIS. The man who succeeded in staying alive in this world by reading and acting on dreams of the possible future picks DREAMING TRUE.      

THE BOY WHO DIED AND CAME BACK is a memoir of my adventures in the multiverse since I literally died and came back as a child in my native Australia.  I had to muster some real courage to share the personal narratives in this book, which explain how I came to my present path, as a dream teacher, among all the forking roads of the multiverse, and the cost of reincarnating yourself in a single span of years. I write about what it means to walk between the worlds every day. My inner artist is happy that my publishers agreed enthusiastically to include seven of my drawings in the book.

SIDEWALK ORACLES is a book of stories and games that will help you to open to the play of synchronicity and the signs and symbols all around you in the dream of everyday life. You’ll find keys here to becoming a kairomancer: someone who is poised to recognize and act in those special Kairos moments when the universal gets personal and time works differently.

If you like audio, you can go for my Sounds True series DREAM GATES: A JOURNEY INTO ACTIVE DREAMING. (This is not a book on tape, and please don’t confuse it with DREAMGATES the book, which was written later and has different content).  

If you like video, play with my DVD series THE WAY OF THE DREAMER (Psyche Productions) in which I not only talk but demonstrate the core techniques of Active Dreaming with the help of a lively circle of dreamers.

I can’t pick a favorite among my books, but I am filled with fierce passion for the newest of my literary children: MYSTERIOUS REALITIES, A Dream Traveler’s Tales from the Imaginal Realm.  The traveler’s tales in this book are “just-so” stories in the sense that they spring from direct experience in the Many Worlds. As you journey from the temple of the Great Goddess at Ephesus to an amazing chance encounter on an airplane, from Dracula country in Transylvania to the astral realm of Luna, you’ll confirm that the doors to the Otherworld open from wherever you are. You’ll see what it means to live on a mythic edge and to make a deal with your personal Death for a life extension. At any moment, you may fall, like the author, into the lap of a goddess or the jaws of an archetype.

The Books for Magical Dreaming

Real magic is the art of bringing gifts from another world into this world. We do this when we go dreaming and when we remember to bring something back. In dreaming, we go to other realities, that may include places of guidance, initiation, challenge, adventure, healing. When we bring something back from these excursions, and take action in ordinary life to embody guidance and energy, that is a practice of real magic.

Dreaming, as I teach and practice it, is not fundamentally about what happens in sleep; it’s about waking up to a deeper order of reality. We can dream wide awake in everyday life, by paying attention the play of signs and symbols all around us. Navigating by synchronicity is the dreamer’s way of operating 24/7. Through the weaving of synchronicity, we are brought awake and alive to a hidden order of events, to the understory of our world and our lives.

I have published many books that are relevant to the understanding and practice of magical dreaming, and it is time to introduce the whole family.