Principles for Dream Teachers

Our mission is to help people everywhere to align themselves with the Higher Self, to honor dreams as experiences of the soul, and to remember and serve the soul’s purpose.

We recognize that the only experts on dreams are the dreamers themselves.  We uphold the dreamer as the final authority on the meaning of his or her dreams.

We will always honor the privacy of the dreamer and hold a safe and sacred space for our explorations.

We will never abuse our role as dream guides or our skills as trackers in an attempt to manipulate or control others.

We will always ask permission before entering another person’s dreamspace, or initiating an Active Dreaming process.   We will provide a clear explanation of what is involved in any process we offer in order to obtain informed consent.

We will be watchful over the workings of projection, in ourselves as well as in those we teach, and will seek to withdraw unconscious projections and avoid negative projections under all circumstances.

We recognize that there are many approaches to dreams, as well as many kinds of dreaming.   We respect all approaches to dreaming that honor the dreamer as the final authority on his or her dreams.  We seek to expand our knowledge of other schools of dreaming — across time and across cultures — and harvest their gifts.

We understand that a true teacher is always a student as well.  We undertake to continue our studies assiduously, in the Dream Library and in other libraries, in all fields that are relevant to our work.

We are committed to the rebirth of a dreaming society, where dreams are cherished and honored every day, in every walk of life.

The Dream Teacher Training Experience

I completed the 3 levels of Dream Teacher Training with Robert at Mosswood Hollow over the past 3 year period, completing in the fall of 2019 before Covid 19 struck. Whether you are interested in becoming an increasingly expanded version of yourself, being in the continual loving embrace of an international community, being a dream ambassador to create a more true, just, and beautiful world, cultivating creativity, one day gathering in person together, any combination of these, or something I have missed considering here—I recommend the practical magic of this training. I continue to enjoy being steeped in the material and the company of dreamers, and so appreciate the peer, non-hierarchical nature of this community, and all the encouragement and support within it so freely offered. For me, every repetition of dream wisdom in subsequent on-line courses is a fresh deepening and nourishment—and in these days, a continuing lifeline.

Ava Wolf

Dream Teacher Training is a whole other level of experience.   Because we’re there to become teachers, the emphasis is not on our personal process in the same way as in Robert’s other workshops.  But of course, since everything is part of our personal process, it just challenges us on a different level.  If we’re shy about standing up in front of a group, worried about losing control of the room, stuck in our personal reactions to what comes up for participants…no matter what stands between us and our full potential as teachers…it’s all on the table (or rather, the floor).  We’re put into all kinds of situations and asked to do all those things.  The dreaming guides and encourages us all the way through, and Robert and the group are on our side.  Yet where we falter we’re not coddled or consoled.  Our full potential is so clear in Robert’s mind, and so essential to this important work, that we have to be bigger than our fears.   There’s nothing like public exposure to make our shortcomings painfully obvious, and motivate us NEVER to be caught short that way again!  So we strengthen our weak areas and grow into our bigger skins.

In addition, Robert has poured his vast experience and inspiring energy into three phenomenal manuals.  A resource that will never be exhausted.

Having taken all 3 levels, I feel I’ve met the Gatekeeper and been allowed to pass into the chamber of my own authority.  Gifts I was born with, those I have acquired through my life development, and some I was never consciously aware of are all available to help me carry on the work of making us a dreaming society again.  What this offers me personally is a meaningful and thrilling role in creating the world I’ve always wanted to live in.  Robert has my deepest gratitude.

Jenny Noble