Dream Teacher Training:

Course Descriptions

The Dream Teacher Training is deep, challenging, and wide-ranging.

You’ll learn how to open and maintain sacred space, how to cope with “chaos” factors, how to help people heal their relationships and revitalize their workspace – and remember and honor their soul’s purpose and travel between the worlds.     

You will receive intensive training in the practice and teaching of:

  • Opening and Maintaining Sacred Space
  • Creating and Leading Dream Circles
  • Raising Group Energy
  • Dream Journaling
  • Dream Sharing and the Lightning Dreamwork process
  • Dream Re-entry and Tracking
  • Working with Early Warning and Precognitive Dreams
  • Working with Dreams of the Departed
  • Dreaming with Spiritual Guides
  • Healing through Dreams
  • Creative Dreamplay
  • Drawing, writing, storytelling, performance from dreams
  • Time Management
  • Leadership – Communication and Effective Self-Definition
  • Ethics and responsibilities of Dream Teachers

Prerequisite: Prior completion of at least one online course or depth (2-day or longer) in-person workshop with Robert.* You should also have read and worked with at least 2 of Robert’s books. Especially recommended for the training: Conscious Dreaming and Active Dreaming

In Level 2 training, our work and play as dream teachers deepens. We develop many further applications, preparing ourselves to bring the gifts of Active Dreaming into many different environments. Our bill of fare includes:

  • Kairomancy: the art of navigating by synchronicity, which is the dreamer’s way of operating 24/7. Kairomancy literally means divination by special moments. A kairomancer is someone who is ready to recognize the Kairos moments when synchronicity is at work – and to seize on the revelation or opportunity that is now available. We are going to have tremendous fun playing synchronicity games and learning how to guide others to open their senses to the dreamlike play of signs and symbols in the world around them.
  • Royal Roads to Lucid Dreaming: The easiest way to embark on a lucid dream adventure is to start out conscious and stay that way. We can do this – and guide others to do it – through Dream Reentry and by spending more conscious time in the twilight zone of hypnagogia
  • Creative Dreaming: Our dreams put us directly in touch with our creative source. By tapping into our dreams, and honoring them, we release our inner artist/writer/creator. Creative expression is inherently healing. We’ll learn how to invite others to embark on the adventure of keeping a long-term dream journal, and play advanced games with our own journals.
  • Imaginal Healing: We practice helping people to understand that the body believes in images, and that we can create a personal pharmacy of images to help it stay well or get well. We learn to offer simple exercises to raise energy and set good psychic boundaries, and how to guide journeys to places of deep healing in the Imaginal Realm.
  • Dream Healing through the Energy Centers: We’ll make personal energy maps, locate living symbols and power animals inside them, and learn how to guide others on diagnostic and healing journeys through the energy centers
  • Soul Recovery: Soul loss is the shaman’s common diagnosis for many of our existential complaints. We suffer pain or loss and part of our vital energy and identity goes away. If we have lost our dreams it may be because we have lost a vital part of our soul that is the bright dreamer. As dream teachers, we can open the gates to places where lost dreams and lost soul can be reclaimed and brought back to the bodies and the lives where they belong
  • Trans-Temporal Healing: As time travelers, we can journey to a younger self in their own Now time. As a voice in their mind, we can provide the encouragement and counsel they may need at a time of unbearable pain or challenge. From this can flow tremendous healing for both of us. We will make the journey for our own empowerment and healing and learn how to guide others with the authority of experience, on this marvelous road.
  • Dream Transfer: through this powerful and original technique, we can bring a dream – a healing image, a vision of life possibility, even a road map to the next life – to someone in need of a dream


As in Level One, we will reserve plenty of time for work in smaller groups (typically foursomes) where you will take turns to play teacher and student. You will again be expected to be ready to make a short presentation to the whole community on a relevant topic you select, and to lead a process or journey.

We will study the basics of psychic protection, much of it common sense (which is not as common as it should be, as Voltaire noted) including suggestions for spiritual cleansing and for identifying and clearing unwanted energy attachments and psychic intrusions

We will develop new ways to grow dream communities in our neighborhoods and bring Active Dreaming techniques into many new environments where they are urgently needed.  We help each other to find practical applications of our training to other practices and to our professional and personal situations. Members of this program receive a new (Level Two) Manual of Practice.  Graduates receive a certificate of completion.

If you have completed Level 2, you can now register for our first ONLINE Level 3 Training. We’ll play marvelous new games and embark on many shared journeys in realms of soul, imagination and healing in the deeper reality. And we will grow our ability to help midwife a dreaming society in our world, in our time. Oh, the places we’ll go!

Here are some items from the menu:

Psychopomp Work: Healing Relations with Death and the Departed.

We learn how we can open paths to mutual healing for the living and their departed family or friends through our Active Dreaming techniques. We study the practical measures that are required to separate the energies of the living and the dead when the departed remain attached to people and places on the earth plane. We learn how to call in spirit helpers and develop tools and experience to “assist the imaginations of the dead”.

Dream Archaeology

The dream archaeologist melds the skills of the dream shaman, the scholar and the detective. We are going to honee and deepen our ability to fold time, enter other eras, and bring back important knowledge and lost rituals. We explore our connections with a family of personalities in different times and places. We contact the ancient ones, study collective karma, and explore the possible origins of the experiment with consciousness on Earth. We seek to develop models of understanding and tools for trans-temporal healing. We are going to undertake some assignments as dream archaeologists and have marvelous adventures in different times and cultures.

Exploring Multidimensional Reality

As dreamers, we can achieve experiential understanding of the multidimensional universe of quantum mechanics and superstring theory. Through group journeys and discussion, we will explore how we can contribute as active dreamers and researchers inside multidimensional reality to what may prove to be the foremost contribution of the twenty-first century to science and evolution: the emergence of a true science of consciousness.

Waymaking and Reality Creation

An approach to manifestation through a combination of creative imagination and shamanic journeying that is both ancient and wonderfully fresh and practical. It is inspired by ancient Polynesian navigators who were able to guide voyaging canoes across thousands of miles of ocean with the help of a practice of conscious dreaming and visualization that produced a strong, living vision of the destination. They taught that if you go to your destination with all your inner senses – taste it touch it, smell it, feel it on your skin – you are halfway there.

Making Supernormal a New Normal

We are natural psychics of a high order in our dreams, when we let down our left-brain inhibitions and just do it. We routinely practice precognition, clairvoyance, telepathy. Such powers are sometimes described as examples of ESP. Today scientists are reviving a better term invented by the great Victorian scientist of the unseen, Frederick Myers: supernormal. Scientists like Dean Radin maintain that quantum entanglement means that supernormal phenomena are inevitable. Laboratory research confirms that supernormal abilities are for real, and that the spectrum of possibility extends to retrocausation; reaching back across time to influence events in the past. We are going to stage our own experiments!

Theriomorphic Healing

Forging a close relationship with one or more power animals is central to developing the arts of shamanic dream travel and healing. It is invaluable in maintaining healthy boundaries and defending psychic space. A conscious connection with the animal guardians shows us how to follow the natural paths of our energy. A strong working connection with the animal powers brings the ability to shapeshift the energy body and project energy forms that can operate at a distance from the physical body.

Time Travel and Parallel Lives

As dreamers, we travel to past, future and parallel times. We can use dream information about the possible future top avoid unwanted scenarios and move towards desirable ones. When we keep dream journals over the years, we acquire first-hand data – in serial dreams which seem to proceed in instalments – of the likely accuracy of the Many Worlds hypothesis in physics, which suggests that at any moment we inhabit one of countless parallel universes in which we have doppelgangers. When n we bring out skills of shamanic lucid reaming and dream archaeology to these fields, we may find we can practice the art of quantum jumping and harvest lessons and gifts from parallel selves on our present timeline. We may also find ourselves in more conscious connection with a family of personalities actress space and time who are part of our bigger story, and with a Greater Self or Oversoul that is like the hub at the center of all these lives.

Upcoming Dream Teacher Trainings ONLINE

February 14-March 27, 2024

October 4-November 15, 2023

April 25-June 6, 2023


(More details will be posted soon)