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False awakenings and real dreams

Have you experienced a false awakening? You wake from a dream, perhaps to write the dream down - and then wake again, to find there is nothing in your journal because you were writing in another dream.

In the lucid dreaming literature, false awakenings are often called "pre-lucid" experiences, with the implication that they may be failed lucid dreams because the dreamer failed to become aware that he or she was dreaming. There are bigger things going on.

In dreams, we awaken to other orders of reality. When we wake up in our regular bodies, we may have fallen asleep in another world. Sometimes, lying in the drifty state near sleep, I sense that as I grow drowsy, a second self, back to back with me on the bed, is stirring awake, ready to prowl.

I'm intrigued by nights in which we slip from one dream into another, as if moving from an outer to an inner courtyard. Sometimes the shift is marked by the experience of falling asleep in one dream and waking up inside another. Or, coming back from an inner dream, we awaken inside an outer dream. When we mistake the outer dream for external reality, we talk of a "false awakening". Read more

Our Next Adventures on the Magic Mountain

It gets better every time. Our weekend advanced gathering for shamanic dreamers on Gore Mountain was the best in our 22 years of meeting on the mountain. We shared all the fun and wild energy of spontaneous dream theater, the deep healing of vision transfer, and the joy of being in our soul family, starting the day by bringing our dreams to the breakfast table, ending with songs and stories by the fire.

It is so sustaining to be deeply engaged with a brilliant circle of dream travelers and dream teachers who share a passionate commitment to help rebirth a dreaming society in our world, in our time. I created and led a new four-part shamanic group journey to help us understand why so many people have lost their dreams - and maybe their dream souls- and how we can help bring them back, with extraordinary results including detailed maps of nonordinary reality we will use again.

In our closing session, we received the blessing of the Deer of the Mountain, raising the antlers of light and regeneration.

We have set dates for our November gathering and also for 2019.

FALL 2018 GATHERING: November 2-4

SPRING 2019 GATHERING: April 26-28

FALL 2019 GATHERING: November 8-10

PLEASE NOTE: Robert's twice-yearly gatherings on Gore Mountain are by invitation only, and are reserved for active dreamers who are already deeply engaged with this work.If you would like to be added to the invitation list, please contact Robert directly.

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New Facebook Page

Check out my new Facebook page, where I'll be posting regularly on books .  I've created this page as a playground for the writer in me and perhaps in those who frequent it. As we go along, I'll post book excerpts, news of coming books and literary events and whatever entertains my creative spirit on any given day Read more


Playing with Signs, Symbols, and Synchronicity in Everyday Life

French Edition Available Now from Véga!

The author’s grace and fluidity as a writer makes it a delight to read. I particularly enjoyed his neologisms, such as kairomancer, describing one who is attuned to the whisperings of possibility within the synchronicities and prepared to take action to manifest them in one’s reality. The great gift of this book is that it encourages us to jump joyfully with both feet into the puddle of life and make the biggest splash that we are able. In fact, playing any or all of the games suggested by the author just might convince you that the world is indeed full of magic.”
                                                      --New Consciousness Review

Synchronicity is when the universe gets personal. Through this book of games and enchanting stories, you’ll learn how to monitor the play of coincidence and the symbolic resonance of incidents in daily life in order to tap into the deeper logic of events, receive extraordinary counsel, and have wonderful fun. Read more

Listen to Robert discussing signs, symbols and synchronicity on the Christine Upchurch Show

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Friday-Sunday, June 8-10: PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC
5-DAY TRAINING: Dream Teacher Training Level 1 - Module 1

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