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In dreams, we scout the roads ahead

Our dreams are constantly coaching us for challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of us on the roads of life. It's possible that we rehearse everything that will take place in the future in our dreams, though we forget most of it.

Across human evolution, dreaming has been a vital survival mechanism. In the days when we were naked apes without good weapons, our dream radar - our ability to scout across both space and time - often enabled us to avoid becoming breakfast for saber-toothed tigers or leathery raptors.

A recent theory posits that dreaming prepares us for challenges by putting us through frequent workouts in threat simulation, helping us to develop the reflexes and responses that will get us through. I suspect our relationship with the future in dreams is much deeper and more important than this. In dreaming, we have access to the matrix in which the events and circumstances that will manifest in our physical lives have their origins. We can not only see future events; we can choose - to varying degrees, and according to our level of consciousness - which among many possible future events will manifest. Read more


"Mysterious Realities" Coming in October 2018
Available for Pre-Order on Amazon Now!

Robert Moss is a Mything Link, and his new book, Mysterious Realities is one of the most luminous revelations of tone who travel between the worlds. Using words as wands, this Magus of the Imaginal realm companions the reader on visionary journeys, soul capturing dreams  and encounters with once and future Archetypes.  This is not an innocent book.  The very reading is an initiation, a sea change into something rich and strange.  It is a message from a future human, a representative from a parallel world, one who has solved present challenges by entering realms that few as yet dare to enter. Read this numinous book and enter if you dare.

—Jean Houston, author, A Mythic Life

Dreams have been called the “royal road to the unconscious,” but to bestselling author and world-renowned dream explorer Robert Moss, they are more: portals to the imaginal realm, a higher reality that exists at the intersection of time and eternity. As a master storyteller, Moss takes you on journeys where you encounter goddesses and daimons, uncanny animals, doppelgängers from parallel worlds, and spirits of the dead (both famous and obscure). These adventures — by turns terrifying, beautiful, and wildly funny — remind us that dreaming is not just about what happens in sleep but about awakening to deeper realities. This can happen in the midst of everyday life, in special moments of synchronicity when you know, in your shivers, that greater powers are in play.

 The traveler’s tales in this book are “just-so” stories in the sense that they spring from direct experience in the Many Worlds. As you journey from the temple of the Great Goddess at Ephesus to an amazing chance encounter on an airplane, from Dracula country in Transylvania to the astral realm of Luna, you’ll confirm that the doors to the Otherworld open from wherever you are. You’ll see what it means to live on a mythic edge and to make a deal with your personal Death for a life extension. At any moment, you may fall, like the author, into the lap of a goddess or the jaws of an archetype.

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