Monday-Friday, August 29-September 2



Mosswood Hollow, Duvall, Washington



Mosswood Hollow Retreat Center (think a cross between Narnia and Hogwarts), 45 minutes from Seattle and Sea-Tac airport. 20215 320 Ave NE, Duvall WA  98019 .  Be forewarned: the meals and TLC you will receive may be the best on the planet.

TUITION: $995 (if paid in full before July 30); $1150 after.

Contact Mosswood Hollow. Email: email [email protected]) or register at  Tel:  425-844-9050

Our genial hosts will also arrange your transportation (if needed) from SEA-TAC airport.

All participants must be fully vaccinated against Covid. All Mosswood staff will be fully vaccinated too.

Our society is desperately inneed of people who are prepared to help midwife Death: to help others approach the last stages of life, and the journey into life beyond life, with courage and grace. The role of the psychopomp is not confined to helping the living to travel the roads beyond Death. It involves helping spirits of the deceased to find their ways.

This extraordinary training marries the powerful and original techniques of Active Dreaming to a vitally important agenda: to help souls on both sides of the swing doors of death. It will require you to brave up for a close encounter with your personal Death, and to travel the roads of the afterlife and develop a working geography of the many options available after physical death.

What happens after death is far too important for us to rely on hand-me-down beliefs and second-hand accounts. We need first-hand knowledge. We get that by visiting places where the dead are alive, and by receiving visitations from those who have departed this world. Both ways of knowing are opened, easily and naturally, in dreams.

The immense body of data on near-death experiences (NDEs) is scientific evidence of the survival of consciousness after the physical body has closed down. Awareness is not confined to the body and brain, and therefore is able to survive death.

It is never too early or too late for us to brave up to death and discover what happens on the Other Side. As Montaigne said, “We do not know where death will meet us, so we must be ready to meet death everywhere.” When we are willing to meet death as an ally instead of a dread, we find we have superabundant energy for life and can approach our life choices with the courage and clarity that a close encounter with death may bring.

In this training, you will learn how to confirm for yourself, and help others to know that:

  • Contact with the dead, especially in dreams, is entirely natural and going on all the time, because the dead are alive and are often seeking to communicate with us.
  • Healing and forgiveness are always available across the apparent barrier of death.
  • Departed loved ones and ancestors can become family guides and counselors.
  • We can help the deceased  when they are stuck or confused. As Yeats said, with poetic clarity, “the living have the ability to assist the imaginations of the dead.”
  • Consciousness operates on many levels, and in several energy vehicles, during life and after death.
  • We can assist the dying to prepare for death by opening to their dreams, and when they do not have a dream, we can bring them one through our Dream Transfer technique.
  • We can call  in spiritual guidance and protection and embark on a journey to the Other Side for helpful and timely communication with someone who resides there.
  • Desire and imagination are the building contractors in the afterlife.
  • Through a close-up encounter with our personal Death, we can learn to live and die without regrets, and bring clarity, courage and superabundant energy to life on both sides.

PREREQUISITES: Our space is limited, and we will give preference for this training to those who have already completed depth workshops with Robert, and/or his online courses for The Shift Network.

RECOMMENDED READING: Robert’s books Dreamgates (especially Part 3) and The Dreamer’s Book of the Dead.