Friday, February 26






Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires through Twelve Secrets of the Imagination



SCHEDULE: 6-7:30pm (Pacific time)

East West Bookshop, Seattle, WA


The great trick in life is to do what you love and let the universe support it. To get to that sweet spot, you need to know what you truly desire, not just in your head but in your heart and your gut, and win the endorsement of a Greater Self.

Your dreams will guide you, if you will listen. The world around you will guide you, in the play of symbols and synchronicity, if you are willing to pay attention. And over all the time you have spent stuck in old personal histories, your Big Story has been stalking you, wanting to carry you into a life of wild freedom and delight.

In this lively talk, Robert unveils the twelve secrets of imagination that will help you find and fulfill your heart’s desires:

  1. Dreams Show You the Secret Wishes of Your Soul
  2. Your Great Imagineer Is Your Magical Child
  3. What Is in Your Way May Be Your Way
  4. You Have Treasures in the Twilight Zone
  5. Your Body Believes in Images
  6. Your Big Story Is Hunting You
  7. You Are Magnetic
  8. There is a World of Imagination and It Is Entirely Real
  9. If You Can See Your Destination You re Halfway There
  10. You Can Grow a Dream for Someone Who Needs a Dream
  11. You Don’t Have to Drive Used Karma
  12. The Stronger the Imagination, the Less Imaginary the Results