Saturday-Sunday, March 7-8



Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires through Active Dreaming and Creative Imagination


Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 10am-4pm

A lovely space round the corner from 4th Street, a synchronicity haven with its boutiques and restaurants

$325 if paid in full by February 15; $375

Jane Carleton; Tel 925-322-9264

The great trick in life is to do what you love and let the universe support it. To get to that sweet spot, you need to know what you truly desire, not just in your head but in your heart and your gut, and win the endorsement of a Greater Self.

Your dreams will guide you, if you will listen, because dreams reveal the secret wishes of the soul and provide course correction for the delusions of the day. The world around you will guide you, in the play of symbols and synchronicity, if you are willing to pay attention. And over all the time you have spent stuck in old personal histories, your Big Story has been stalking you, wanting to carry you into a life of wild freedom and delight.

You will learn in this high-energy adventure how to grow a vision your body believes and your Greater Self endorses, so rich and strong it wants to take root in your world. When you move in the energy field of that vision, the world responds to you, because you are magnetic.

Through wonderful games and journeys, performance and story, you’ll call back your Master Imagineer, your Magical Child, who knows the magic of making things up. You’ll grow fresh imagery for self-healing and gifts you can bring to others. You’ll discover and apply some of the open secrets of imagination:

  • If you can dream it, you can do it
  • What is in your way may be your way
  • There are treasures waiting for you in the place between sleep and awake
  • There is a world of imagination that is entirely real and you can travel there
  • Your body believes in images and they can make you well
  • If you can see and sense your destination, you are better than halfway there
  • Your Big Story is hunting you
  • The stronger the imagination, the less imaginary the results

You’ll learn the core techniques of Active Dreaming, Robert’s original synthesis of shamanism and dreamwork, including

  • Lightning Dreamwork, a fast,fun way to open a safe space to share dreams and stories and be guided towards effective action to embody their energy and guidance
  • Dream Reentry: using a personal image as a portal for a shamanic journey to places of guidance, healing, adventure and resolution
  • Raising Your Animal Spirits
  • Dream Theater, the pinnacle of improv
  • Vision Transfer, the art of bringing a dream to someone in need of a dream
  • Sidewalk Tarot and other synchronicity games
  • Waymaking: growing a vision of your fulfillment of your heart’s desires so rich and strong it can get you across uncharted waters

We will learn to journey for each other, with shamanic allies, to bring back practical keys to manifesting our heart’s desires.

Come ready to discover that you can become the shaman of your own soul and the healer of your own life. You’ll find yourself at home in a heart-centered circle of creative spirits ready to support each other’s soul journeys. We’ll generate the group energy that makes the extraordinary easy. You’ll leave with practices and resources that will help you manifest your deepest dreams, and bring a champagne fizz of magic into everyday life.