Saturday-Sunday, March 9-10



Shamanic Dreaming, New Science and Ancient Keys to the Multidimensional Universe


$325 if paid in full by February 15; $375 thereafter.

Julie Tumbarello, Tel: 734-478-0160


The findings of leading-edge physics have brought us scientific confirmation of the worldview of ancient shamans, mystics and dreamers, who have always known that there is a place beyond surface reality where all things are connected, a place beyond  time where all times are accessible, and that consciousness generates worlds.

In this high-octane new adventure, you will learn the skills of Active Dreaming, Robert’s original synthesis of primal shamanism and the best of contemporary dreamwork and  lucid dreaming techniques. Bring these powerful techniques together with ancient wisdom and  new science, and you are ready to practice quantum dreaming, become a full citizen of the multidimensional universe and be present at the creation of your world.

You will find that you hold the secret of time travel. You can travel into the possible future, scouting challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. You can travel to the past and into parallel world. You will gain first-hand knowledge of the multidimensional universe that science is modeling – and you can use this to heal and  thrive in your everyday life.

Every night, your dream self goes ahead of your waking self, scouting out challenges and opportunities that lie on the roads ahead. This is part of our human survival kit. Once you wake up to the fact that you dream events before they happen in regular life, you can graduate to the good stuff, which is changing your possible future for the better and becoming co-creator of your reality.

Your dreams may also be glimpses of a continuous life your parallel self is leading in a parallel world, in which you made different choices. Physicist Brian Greene speculates that we all have “endless doppelgangers” leading parallel lives in parallel universes. When we develop the skills of quantum dreaming, you can explore this experientially – and learn how to bring gifts and lessons from a parallel world into this one. Through these excursions, you will grow a personal geography of the multiverse and accumulate first-hand data on the reality of parallel worlds.

As a time traveler, you can journey to a younger self in her own Now time. As a voice in her mind, you can provide the encouragement and counsel she may need at a time of unbearable pain or challenge. You can be the friend and protector she lacked when her need was great. From this can flow tremendous healing for both of you, for you in your present time and for her in her own time.

The physicist and the shaman agree: we live in a conscious universe where everything is alive and connected, and mind and matter interweave. To live most fully in this universe, we must learn to navigate by synchronicity, poised to recognize and act in those special Kairos moments when the universe gets personal.  We’ll play wonderful games of coincidence that will put magic into any day.

You will learn how to:

  • Make dreams your creative studio
  • Construct your private entrance to nonlocal mind and the Akashic Records
  • Dream a better future
  • Travel to past, future and parallel times
  • Learn how “past life” and “other life” dramas may be influencing your present life and relationships
  • How to develop positive imagery for healing and empowerment you can offer to others
  • Grow a vision of what your life will be if you manifest your heart’s desires, a vision so strong and rich that it wants to take root in the world