Saturday, February 27








SCHEDULE: 11am-3pm (Pacific time)

East West Bookshop, Seattle, WA


Your world is as rich or poor, as alluring or dull, as you can imagine. Listen to your dreams, let your inner child out to play, put yourself in a place where your bigger story can grab you. When you move in the energy field of a big dream of life, the world responds to you, because you are magnetic.

In this class you will learn to step out of the tired old stories we have inherited from family, from other people telling us who we are, from personal histories of failure and defeat. When you are seized by the Big story great healing becomes available because you can now draw on the immense energy that is generated by the sense of serving a larger purpose and living a mythic life. The muse, or creative genius, and the intelligences of the world-behind-the-world come to support our life projects, because you are following a deeper call.

In this high-octane adventure you will learn:

  • The remedy for bad dreams and nightmares·
  • A fast, fun way to share dreams and life stories with others, get helpful feedback and guidance on taking action to honor your dreams.
  • How to use a dream or personal image as a portal for a journey to places of healing, initiation and adventure.
  • You are magnetic. Whatever you think or feel strongly, the universe says Yes.
  • There is a world of imagination, and it is entirely real
  • You can journey to a Magic Library where you have access to master teachers and information on any subject that engages you
  • You can learn from ancient Polynesian navigators how to grow a vision of fulfilling your heart’s desires so rich and strong that it will get you across choppy and uncharted waters.
  • You can grow a dream – a healing image, a vision of possibility, even a path to the next world – for someone in need of a dream.

The workshop will include shamanic journeys powered by Robert’s live drumming. You will leave with practices and resources that will help you manifest your deepest dreams, and bring a champagne fizz of magic into everyday life.