Saturday-Sunday, October 24-25



Shamanic Approaches to Death, Dying and the Afterlife


Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 10am-4pm

Located in the heart of Ann Arbor, we will be meeting in the Koessler Room (3rd floor) The Michigan League, 911 N University Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48109

$325 if paid in full by September 1; $375 after

Julie Tumbarello, Tel: 734-478-0160

What happens after death is far too important for us to rely on hand-me-down beliefs and second-hand accounts. We need first-hand knowledge. We get that by visiting places where the dead are alive, and by receiving visitations from those who have departed this world. Both ways of knowing are opened, easily and naturally, in dreams.

The immense body of data on near-death experiences (NDEs) is scientific evidence of the survival of consciousness after the physical body has closed down. Awareness is not confined to the body and brain, and therefore is able to survive death.

It is never too early or too late for us to brave up to death and discover what happens on the Other Side. As Montaigne said, “We do not know where death will meet us, so we must be ready to meet death everywhere.” When we are willing to meet death as an ally instead of a dread, we find we have superabundant energy for life and can approach our life choices with the courage and clarity that a close encounter with death may bring.

In this training, you will learn how to confirm for yourself, and help others to know that:

  • Healing and forgiveness are always available across the apparent barrier of death
  • Departed loved ones and ancestors can become family guides and counselors.
  • We can help the deceased  when they are stuck or confused. As Yeats said, with poetic clarity, “the living have the ability to assist the imaginations of the dead.”
  •  Consciousness operates on many levels, and in several energy vehicles, during life and after death.
  • We can assist the dying to prepare for death by opening to their dreams, and when they do not have a dream, we can bring them one through our Dream Transfer technique.
  • We can call in spiritual guidance and protection and embark on a journey to the Other Side for helpful and timely communication with someone who resides there.
  • Desire and imagination are the building contractors in the afterlife.
  • Through a close-up encounter with our personal Death, we can learn to live and die without regrets, and bring clarity, courage and superabundant energy to life on both sides.


A Personal Note from Robert:

I was pronounced dead in hospitals twice as a boy, at age 3 and at age 9. When I left my body under a surgeon’s knife in a Melbourne hospital during an emergency appendectomy when I was nine, I was drawn into another world and seemed to live a while life there before I came back. We did not have the term “near-death experience” in those days. I thought of myself as one of the doctors described me, as a “boy who died and came back”.

The gift of these experiences was the knowledge that there are real worlds beyond the physical world, and that consciousness survives the body. In midlife, I went through a crisis of shamanic death and rebirth that set me on my path as a dream teacher.

I feel I know enough of death and conditions on the Other Side to help others gain first-hand experience of the greater reality without the extremity of a near-death experience. You will be challenged to go beyond your previous limits, and brave up to your personal Death, but you will travel with a veteran guide under the blessing and protection of higher powers.

This course, like all my important teaching, follows a principle stated beautifully by the philosopher Plotinus:

There are parts of what it most concerns you to know which I cannot describe to you; you must come with me and see for yourselves. The vision is for the one who will see it.

This is at the heart of the way I seek to teach, by opening doorways for direct experience of the sacred and the many worlds: ways to see and remember who we are, where we come from and what our greater purpose is, in this life and beyond this life.