Thursday-Sunday, November 7-10


Maitrea House of Personal Development, Prague


Exploring the Worlds of Soul, Imagination and Life Beyond Death


Thursday, Nov 7 (6-9 pm) – see separate Calendar entry
Friday Nov 8 (4-9 pm)
Sat Nov 9 (10am-7pm)
Sun Nov 10 (10am-4:30 pm)

Maitrea House of Personal Development, Týnská ulička 6 , Prague 1 Old Town.

Contact Petra Zemanova
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +420 725 783 506

In this high adventure in Active Dreaming, you’ll be encouraged to remember and live the deeper story of your life.  You’ll find confirmation of things you may have sensed, or glimpsed in half-forgotten dreams or in the path of moonlight on water:

–You are here in this world on a mission

–You had a life before you were conceived, and you’ll have a life after death.

–You belong to a spiritual, as well as a biological family. You have counterparts in other times and in alternate realities, aspects of your larger, multidimensional self

–Dreaming is traveling.

–The events and situations you encounter in physical reality have their genesis in a deeper order of reality that indigenous peoples call the Dreamtime, and you can learn to go there consciously.

–You can visit the Other Side, have timely and helpful communication with the departed in their current living environments – and make Death your ally instead of your fear.

–You are never confined to the body, or the laws of Newtonian physics, except through a failure of imagination.

–Coincidence is when the universe gets personal, and navigating by synchronicity is the dreamer’s way of traveling the roads of everyday life.

You’ll learn practical techniques to bring energy, guidance and healing from a deeper reality into everyday life. You’ll discover how to project consciousness safely beyond the body, how to open gates between the worlds – and how to close them when necessary.  You’ll learn how to travel, wide awake and dreaming, to true cities of the imagination, and other places of instruction, adventure and healing in nonordinary reality, and how to read the signs of everyday life as a set of dream symbols. You’ll be invited to meet your counterparts in other realities, and rise to the knowledge of the Higher Self at the hub of the many aspects of your multidimensional self. In short, this program is an invitation to become a full citizen of the multidimensional universe.