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Maitrea House of Personal Development, Prague




Maitrea House of Personal Development, Týnská ulička 6 , Prague 1 Old Town.

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Dreams always tell us more than we already know.

Across the human odyssey on the planet, most human societies have valued dreams and dreamers for three reasons. They have understood that dreams give us access to sources of knowledge and wisdom beyond the ordinary mind, call those sources god or goddess, or nature, or the ancestors, or the Higher Self. It has also been widely understood that dreams show us the future, preparing us for challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Third, most cultures have recognized that dreaming is related to medicine: dreams diagnose symptoms that may be developing in the body, they can be a source of imagery for self-healing, and they show us the state of our emotional and spiritual health.

 Join Robert Moss for a high-energy evening adventure in which you’ll discover many ways in which dreams can empower your life and open roads to adventure in the multidimensional universe. We’ll discuss simple and powerful practices that can put you in touch with sources of guidance and healing and put a champagne fizz of magic into everyday life.

 We’ll explore how, dreaming, you can communicate with the deceased, travel into the future -and into past and parallel times. Robert can help you to break a dream drought and develop the practice of lucid dreaming. You’ll be introduced to core techniques of Active Dreaming, his original synthesis of dreamwork and shamanism. You’ll learn the Nine Keys to Your Dreams you can use any day.

We’ll learn that dreaming is not fundamentally about what happens in sleep; it’s about waking up to a deeper order of reality. With his trademark humor and practical approach, Robert will help you come fully alive to the fact that dreaming is about soul and survival: maintaining connection to a higher source of meaning, and turning on intuitive radar to navigate your life roads and grow a better future.