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Playing with Signs, Symbols and Synchronicity in the Dream of Everyday Life


“Inspire View”, a wonderful villa with sweeping views 2 kn from Bran, the site of “Dracula’s castle”

375 euros if paid in full by Aug 15, 425 euros thereafter

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Inner and outer, subjective and objective, interweave and move together at quantum levels, on a human scale, and no doubt everywhere in the universe. We live in an energy field where everything resonates — to a greater or lesser degree — with everything else. The world we inhabit mirrors our thoughts and feelings, and vice versa. The physicist and the shaman agree: we live in a conscious universe where everything is alive and connected, and mind and matter interweave. In this adventure in playing with signs, symbols and synchronicity in the dream of everyday life, we’ll play wonderful games of coincidence that will put a champagne fizz of excitement into any day.

Across the human odyssey on the planet, most human societies have valued dreams and dreamers for three reasons. They have understood that dreams give us access to sources of knowledge and wisdom beyond the ordinary mind, call those sources god or goddess, or nature, or the ancestors, or the Higher Self. It has also been widely understood that dreams show us the future, preparing us for challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Third, most cultures have recognized that dreaming is related to medicine: dreams diagnose symptoms that may be developing in the body, they can be a source of imagery for self-healing, and they show us the state of our emotional and spiritual health.

We’ll learn that dreaming is not fundamentally about what happens in sleep; it’s about waking up to a deeper order of reality. We can dream wide awake in everyday life, by paying attention the play of signs and symbols all around us. Navigating by synchronicity is the dreamer’s way of operating 24/7.    Through the weaving of synchronicity, we are brought awake and alive to a hidden order of events, to the understory of our world and our lives.

This deep adventure is about manifestation. If you can dream it, you might be able to do it! It is about becoming a kairomancer, someone who is poised and ready to seize those Kairos moments of opportunity when the universe gets personal. With his trademark humor and practical approach, Robert Moss will help you come fully alive to the fact that dreaming is about soul and survival: maintaining connection to a higher source of meaning, and turning on intuitive radar to navigate your life roads and grow a better future.

To be a kairomancer, you must be open to new experience, willing to set aside plans, grateful for secret handshakes and surprises, and ready to honor your special moments of revelation by taking appropriate action. You’ll learn:

  • The essential rules of living by synchronicity
  • Why the observation of synchronicity is the key to understanding the weave of matter and mind at all levels of reality
  • How to practice bibliomancy and other everyday forms of divination and develop a working list of personal omens
  • How to become a “strange attractor” for happy encounters by checking your attitude and following the laws of spiritual gravitation.
  • How any setback can offer an opportunity
  • Why you want to view dreams more literally and waking life more symbolically
  • How to put your question to the world and receive guidance on a life theme – and let the world put its questions to you, by scheduling unscheduled time to pay attention as you walk in “the forest of living symbols that are looking at you”
  • How meaningful coincidence multiplies when you are in motion, traveling outside your familiar rounds or going through a major life transition
  • How to recognize the mythic story that may be at play in your life
  • How to develop a personal mythology that can help carry you through everyday challenges
  • How the passions of the soul work magic

We’ll grow the poetic consciousness that allows us to recognize how life rhymes and hear the many voices of the Speaking Land. This is a path of natural magic that takes us beyond self-limiting beliefs into a life of wild freedom and possibility.

We’ll find we are living on a mythic edge. We’ll dance with the Trickster, play wonderful new games, and leave with resources for conscious living.