Thursday-Friday, August 29-30



The Essential Workshop


LOCATION: The Bloom School, Sarajevo

This is a private event


Dreaming isn’t just what happens during sleep; dreaming is waking up to sources of guidance, healing and creativity beyond the reach of the everyday mind. Our lives become richer and juicier when we learn to become active dreamers. In this two-day adventure, we’ll learn the core techniques of Active Dreaming, an original method pioneered by Robert Moss.

First, we’ll learn how to talk and walk our dreams. We’ll play the Lightning Dreamwork Game, a fast, and original fun way to share inner experiences, get helpful feedback and guidance for action. It’s a great inner workout, and when you play it with friends or family or workmates, you’ll find you are deepening and energizing your relationships. By simply playing the game, you’ll find you can recognize and work with diagnostic and precognitive elements in dreams, and harvest personal imagery for healing and creative projects.

Second we’ll master the art of shamanic lucid dreaming This goes far beyond what “lucid dreaming” is commonly thought to be. We learn to start out lucid and stay lucid. Using shamanic techniques for shifting consciousness, we embark on intentional journeys – often with partners or a whole group – on agreed itineraries, which might take us on a mission to scout out the possible future, or explore an alternate reality or a location in the imaginal realm, or through the doorway of a previous dream or vision.

Third, we’ll develop the skills of conscious living, learning to navigate by synchronicity and to practice imaginal healing. Active dreamers are choosers. We recognize that whatever situation we are in, we always have choice. We choose to stop running away from the monster in our dreams, which may prove to be our own power that is hunting us when we brave up and face it. We choose not to buy into self-limiting beliefs. We grow a dream of possibility, strong enough to take us beyond fear and despair to a place of wild freedom and delight.