Wednesday-Sunday, June 5-9




Prior completion of depth (2-day or longer) workshops and/or online courses with Robert, or preparation with an authorized teacher of Active Dreaming

650 euros or 16,750 Czech crowns.  A deposit of 100 euros or 2,500 Czech crowns is required to hold your place

If you are coming from Prague, you’ll find it easy to get to Ceska Skalice, the nearest town, by train or car, and our coordinator will help you get to our wonderful site.

Contact: Eva Dostalova
Email: [email protected]


In this program, our work deepens and we develop many further applications, preparing ourselves to bring the gifts of Active Dreaming into many different environments.

Part One of this  training is devoted to essential things on which you need to be able to offer guidance and direction any day, at any corner of life. These are things people need to know, and in some cases are hungry to know:

  • How to break a dream drought
  • How to keep a journal and why, kept in the right way as dedicated practice over time, a journal may become the most important book you will ever write and one of the most important you will ever read
  • How to read and play with signs, symbols and synchronicity in the dream of everyday life and play our Coincidence Card Game
  • How to become a lucid dreamer in the twilight zone between sleep and awake

In Part Two we learn more about how to help people draw on the creative and healing energy of dreams. We learn how lead dream theatre, the pinnacle of improv and often profoundly healing and energizing. We  practice helping people to  understand that the body believes in images, and we can create a personal pharmacy of images to help it stay well or get well. We learn

  • How to guide diagnostic and healing journeys through the energy centers
  • How to facilitate trans-temporal healing by journeying to a younger self
  • It’s all about soul. If we have lost our dreams it may be because we have lost a vital part of our soul that is the bright dreamer. As dream teachers, we can open the gates to places where lost dreams and lost soul can be reclaimed and brought back to the bodies and the lives where they belong
  • Our Dream Transfer technique, by which we can bring a dream – a healing image, a vision of life possibility, even a road map to the next life – to someone in need of a dream

We will do much of our work in smaller groups (typically foursomes) where you will take turns to play teacher and student. You will also be expected to be ready to open or close the circle, to make a short presentation on any topic we are covering, and to lead an exercise or journey.

We  will study the basics of psychic protection, much of it common sense (which is not as common as it should be, as Voltaire noted) including suggestions for spiritual cleansing and for identifying and clearing unwanted energy attachments and psychic intrusions

We will develop new ways to grow dream communities in our neighborhoods and bring Active Dreaming techniques into many new environments where they are urgently needed.  We help each other to find practical applications of our training to other practices and to our professional and personal situations. Members of this program receive a new (Level Two) Manual of Practice.  Graduates receive a certificate of completion.