Wednesday-Sunday, April 10-14


Hameau de L’Etoile



PREREQUISITE: Prior completion of dept (2-day or longer) workshop and/or online courses with Robert, or preparation with an authorized teacher of Active Dreaming

TUITION: 795 euros

Hameau de l’Etoile, a beautiful retreat center in a restored 17th century stone village, where we can share dreams at the breakfast table, gather by a blazing hearth fire in the evenings, and roam the gently rolling hills.  Accommodations packages are available for a reasonable price.  Please contact the Hameau directly to arrange lodging and meals.

Contact: Emmanuelle Esme
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 06 14 82 15 25


This exciting and vitally important program provides intensive training in the practice and teaching of the core techniques of Active Dreaming, including:

  • Opening and maintaining sacred space
  • Creating and leading dream circles
  • Raising group energy
  • Dream journaling
  • Dream sharing and the Lightning Dreamwork Process
  • Dream re-entry and tracking
  • Working with early warning and precognitive dreams
  • Working with dreams of the departed
  • Dreaming with spiritual guides
  • Healing through dreams
  • Creative dreamplay – drawing, writing, storytelling, performance from dreams
  • Ethics and responsibilities of Dream Teachers

We find many creative and challenging ways to build leadership and communications abilities;.  We prepare students at this level to teach the basic series of Dream School classes as well as to initiate and lead Active Dreaming circles, integrate Active Dreaming techniques with their existing practice, and introduce Active Dreaming processes to many different community, corporate and educational environments.