Saturday-Sunday, February 23-24




Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 10am-4pm

A lovely space round the corner from 4th Street, a synchronicity haven with its boutiques and restaurants

$325 if paid in full by January 20; $375

Jane Carleton; Tel 925-322-9264


Our dreams show us what is going on inside our bodies and what we need to stay well. When we do become ill, our dreams give us fresh and powerful imagery for self-healing. By working with personal imagery – and changing the images in positive ways – we can actually create a new blueprint for the body.

When we learn to go back inside our dreams and dream them onward, we open paths of healing for others and ourselves. Active dreaming is central to soul recovery – reclaiming vital energy we lost through pain or heartbreak, guilt or addiction – and to healing our relations with the ancestors.

You’ll learn:

  • How to work with your dream doctor, including the “animal doctors” that shamans consult
  • How to share dreams and images in a fast, fun way that produces helpful feedback and guidance for action
  • How to use a remembered dream as the portal for a lucid dream journey
  • How to harvest imagery for self- healing from your dreams and life memories
  • How to go to a personal House of Healing in the Imaginal Realm where help is always available
  • How any image that belongs to you, even the most terrifying, can offer a doorway to healing and wholeness if you are willing to work with it.
  • How to get in touch with your bigger story and your life purpose

We’ll learn to grow healing stories, and how to bring a dream to someone who needs a dream. We’ll grow the sacred space and compassionate circle energy that make the extraordinary easy. We’ll honor our healing journeys through spontaneous ritual, art, storytelling and performance and play wonderful games