January 31-February 3


Maitrea House of Personal Development, Prague


Seven World Traditions of Dreaming Deep


Maitrea House of Personal Development, Týnská ulička 6 , Prague 1 Old Town.

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A dream, in the vocabulary of Inuit shamans, is “what makes me dive in headfirst”. This weekend adventure is a deep dive into ancient and indigenous traditions of dreaming, to reclaim practices and mythic knowing that are urgently needed in our world today.

The traditions we’ll explore understood some essential things about dreams and dreaming that have been largely forgotten in Western culture. Dreaming is traveling: we make visits and we receive visitations. Dreaming is a place of encounter between humans and the more-than-human, including the God/Goddess we can talk to. Dreaming is part of our human survival kit, giving us glimpses of the possible future we can use to make better choices.

We start with a Native American tradition of shamanic dreaming that called Robert when he moved to a farm in upstate New York and started dreaming with the ancestors of the land. Dreaming with Island Woman we’ll learn from an ancient Mohawk shaman and Mother of the Wolf Clan that dreaming is all about soul – discerning the secret wishes of the soul and bringing lost soul energy home – and also about traveling across time for keys to survival and purpose. We will honor The Peacemaker and harness, for our current lives, the mythic power of the story of the Woman Who Fell from the Sky and danced a new world into being.

Dreaming with the Speaking Land, we learn from Aboriginal tradition that our personal dreams may be portals to the Dreamtime or Everywhen, where we meet the Ancestors on higher levels, and that everything around us is alive and conscious, speaking to us if we will listen.

We practice Dreaming like an Egyptian. We learn to use dream telepathy as a communications system. We seek our allies in the realm of the gods and open to the light of the blue star.

We fly to the Hellenic world to practice Healing in the Asklepian Dream Temple. 

Dreaming in the Cosmic Dream of Vishnu we learn from India how true initiation and apprenticeship can take place in dreaming, how we can enter and retrieve other life experiences as conscious dreamers, and how active dreaming is the source of reality creation.

Dreaming with the Antlered Goddess, we go to Celtic and Nordic realms. We practice shapeshifting, we learn to sing soul back home, and to track for each other with the eyes and wings of Twin Ravens. We go singing into the dreamlands and return with new songs, in the spirit of the bards who looked to dreaming as the great source of awen, creative spirit.

Finally, we go Dreaming with Jung, who labored to bring together the best of Western science and scholarship with the ancient ways of soul travel and soul remembering.  We’ll walk with the Sacred Guide, as Jung walked with his Philemon, and learn to walk with our dreams and images and grow them for healing and completion, as he practiced circumambulation and active imagine.

Come ready to plunge deep. As you travel these many ways of dreaming, you will find yourself in a remarkable circle of active dreamers who will support your life journey, in a space of co-creation. You will leave these shared adventures with first-hand evidence that the Dreamworld is the Real World, carrying gifts you can apply any day, to charge your life with magic.