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Quantum Dreaming:
Shamanic Dreaming, New Science and Ancient Keys to Healing and Thriving in the Multidimensional Universe

New Online Course Starts August 14 on The Shift Network


The findings of leading-edge physics have brought us scientific confirmation of the worldview of ancient shamans, mystics and dreamers, who have always known that there is a place beyond surface reality where all things are connected, a place beyond time where all times are accessible, and that consciousness generates worlds.

I'm very excited to be launching a new online adventure, Quantum Dreaming, where we will explore this amazing web of connection and discover new ways to transform our lives and our experience of the world. Over 24 weeks of ever-deepening practice and cosmic fun starting Tuesday August 14, we'll marry models of understanding from the new science to ancient ways of shamanic dreaming and soul healing.

Many adventures await you over this 24-week training. You will find that you hold the secret of time travel. You can travel into the possible future, scouting challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. You can travel to the past and into parallel worlds. You will gain first-hand knowledge of the multidimensional universe that science is modeling - and you can use this to heal and thrive in your everyday life.

We are already building a fabulous international community of creative spirits who will support each other's soul odysseys and join in deepening practice - including growing supernormal abilities like precognition, clairvoyance and telepathy - week by week.

 I hope you will join us --  and please extend the invitation to your friends. Oh the places we'll go!




Robert has led online, multi-week courses through The Shift Network since 2014. 

Here’s what some recent graduates of Robert’s programs on The Shift Network have to say about his Active Dreaming work:

Thank you Robert.  I cannot think of another person on the planet who could quite as powerfully (as you have done) create the space for a group like this one that travels far and high and wide and deep. You have a wonderful gift and way about you . . .and I too will have what the mythical man is having.  – Muriel

 I feel like I am living in at least two worlds and it has been a Magical Mystery Tour. Thank you dear Robert, I hope to join you for more adventures.  It’s such good company and I want to stay with this momentum!  - Deborah

There are no words to express my sense of gratitude and wonder. And I think I understand more fully the significance of anamnesis – that I am remembering what my soul already knew. Such a privilege to have participated in this course at this time.  Profound thanks to you, dear Robert, and heartfelt gratitude to the group. You have guided and supported me in a liberating and empowering soul journey over these months and I thank you for your generous authenticity and your wise guidance. - Kate

 I'm so grateful for your teaching and the kindness and compassion you bring to these lessons. Thank you.  - Marty

Thank you Robert and fellow soul voyagers for the journeys that just keep on giving. I would never have imagined how many beautiful gifts we could gather, return with and share together. It has been a trip of a lifetime and I give thanks to you all for your guidance, thoughts and beautiful teaching along the way. - Kirsten

Thank you Robert Moss for this wonderful class. This class was a journey of deepening self discovery for me. … There are journeys I am looking forward to repeating many times. - Lisa

Founded in 2010, The Shift Network empowers a global movement of people who are creating an evolutionary shift of consciousness that in turn leads to a more enlightened society, one built on principles of peace, sustainability, health, and prosperity. Through online summits and courses, The Shift Network has served more than 530,000 worldwide who are committed to shifting our world’s operating system.

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