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New 7-Month Training Begins July 12

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Announcing my next dream adventure on The Shift Network! I'll  be offering a seven month training starting Wednesday, July 12.

Every day, consciously or unconsciously, we are in the school of life. Every night, whether or not we remember, we may have access to the university of many lives, a greater School of Soul.

In this exciting training, you’ll learn techniques to help you become a dreamer 24/7. You’ll be inspired by stories from dreamers today and from the whole human odyssey to encourage and incite you to apply the gifts of dreaming to bring more of soul into life and to survive and thrive.

Welcome to a path of limitless adventure, healing and possibility. Australian Aborigines believe that our personal dreams may open doorways into the Dreamtime, the deeper reality from which the events and circumstances of our lives are emanated, and the place of encounter with ancestors and spiritual powers. Nietzsche wrote that "in our sleep and in our dreams we pass through the whole thought of earlier humanity".

The story gets bigger. Dreaming is traveling. In dreams, we slip free from the normal constraints of space and time and from our everyday consensual hallucinations; we get out there. We travel to places where our departed are at home, and to cities and schools and pleasure palaces on various levels of the Imaginal Realm, the realm of true imagination. Dream shamans, mystics and creators have long practiced the art of journeying consciously into this world-behind-the-world, and we can learn similar practices through the techniques of Active Dreaming.

In dreams, we go beyond the curtain walls of everyday consciousness. Through the play of coincidence, the powers of the deeper world come through those curtains to prod or tickle or goad us awake. Active dreamers work with the signs and symbols and synchronicities of everyday life as well as with night dreams, conscious visions, and liminal states of consciousness.

In this ever-deepening adventure, supported by an international community of creative and compassionate soul voyagers, you will be encouraged to find your personal answers to the eternal questions: Who am I? Where do I come from? What is my sacred purpose in this world and beyond this world?

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Robert has led online, multi-week courses through The Shift Network since 2014. 

Here’s what some graduates of Robert’s programs on The Shift Network have to say about his Active Dreaming work:

I took Robert’s course through The Shift Network earlier this year. Not a day goes by that I don’t use something I learned from you in the course of that class. [His] writing and teaching have made so many positive differences in my life which continue to ripple out to those around me. — Tessy Taylor, Colorado

 As a result of [Robert’s] course, my life is presently more open, brighter and more confident. I am also feeling more connection and wholeness, not only within, but also with all about me. I truly recommend this course with Robert Moss— Cecelie, Costa Rica

Dear Robert, [your courses] led the journey back... and this beautiful communion of intentional dreamers walking together on this path have indeed done this. I am filled with awe and gratitude... and excitement for the Way ahead. — Stephanie Pietkiewicz, New Zealand

You have brought so much joy into my life. Thank you!!! Your spirit is a delight. I have so enjoyed this class. I have learned and shared so much. Hoping to join you again in later classes. This has indeed been the nourishment for which my soul has yearned.
— Annette Kohn-Lau, Northbrook, Illinois

We are led along the journey into the inner realm to reach the soul’s deepest and most ancient wisdom and learn to bring that to everyday living in accordance with our highest self. How great is that!!?
— Mary, New Mexico

What a journey we have made together! I feel so privileged to be part of this community and am so grateful to have had access to Robert’s great teachings... The community page is invaluable and I am so thrilled that we can go on sharing!
— C.L., Quebec, Canada

This course gave me strategies to utilize my dream time, expand my self-awareness, explore my dreams with a more open mind and use them to promote both physical and emotional healing.
— Eloise Hill, Alameda, California

For anyone wanting the experience of conscious dreaming or to have the tools to write your dream story this course is a must. I am a dreamer and so are you! Great course; thank you to The Shift Network and Robert Moss. — Jody Breton, Freeport, Maine

This course has been such a solid learning space. The Dream Lightning process has proved such a valuable tool for me. What once was a sea of symbols has become, thanks to Robert’s good guidance, a navigating joy! Thanks, All, for sharing the Dream!
— Margo Bird, Grand Rapids, Michigan

I am so happy to find [Robert] on my path. My life has more colors and more joy. I am filled with the sense of adventure. My senses are so alive.The Universe speaks, sings, shouts and loves me.
— Blanca Hefferan

Thank you for one of the best classes I have ever taken. I am truly inspired!
— Durelle Freeman, Glenwood, New Mexico

I was deeply touched by Robert's insights into the dreams of several course participants. I also felt his respect for the integrity of the dreamer as the true source of knowledge about any dream. Robert managed in 90 minutes to evoke the deep mystical spirit of the Celts through poetry, story, history, images, and blessings. I appreciated that he brought in the presence of the ancient Merlin - not the wizard with the pointy hat of Arthurian romances, but the primal voice of poetic vision, Merlin as shapeshifter, "as a shaman, an arch-dreamer of the Western way." Thank you for a great course that was rich with deep inspiration. --Edie Stone, MA, LPC

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