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New 9-Week Course Begins May 23


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Announcing my next dream adventure on The Shift Network! I'll  be offering a 9-week course starting Wednesday, May 23. I’m excited to be embarking on new adventures with you in Living Your Mythic Edge –– where your Big Story can find you.

When you’re seized by your Big Story, you step beyond limiting definitions and beliefs, and great healing becomes available –– because you can now draw on the immense energy that’s generated by the sense of serving a larger purpose and living a mythic life.

The muse, or creative genius, and the intelligences of the world-behind-the-world come to support your life projects, because you are following a deeper call.

You know this moment: your life is trembling on the edge of a greater drama. You feel things stirring behind the curtain of everyday perception, moving pieces around you, bringing things together in astounding moments of synchronicity.

You feel yourself driven, defended or thwarted by greater powers. Your life rhymes in inexplicable ways. You become aware that what is with you and around you – in what Jung called your “circumambient atmosphere” – has been charged with the energy of an archetype, call it a goddess or daimon, an angel or elemental.

Powers of the deeper world move among us. When they are in the field –– noticed or invisible, invoked or uninvoked –– their presence has a shimmer effect on the ordinary world. The fabric of physical reality in their vicinity becomes fluid and unstable.

You experience the shift as synchronicity or anomaly. If you become alert to the shimmer effect, and make the right moves in that moment, you can manifest extraordinary things.


In my new course that starts today, you’ll learn to become a kairomancer. That’s a term I invented to describe someone who is ready to recognize and act in special moments of synchronicity when the universe gets personal and opportunity strikes.


It incorporates the name of Kairos, a Greek god who personifies a kind of time that is altogether different from tedious tick-tock time: that special moment of jump time when more is possible than you imagined before. Kairos is the time you must seize by the forelock before it is gone.

 During this 9-week adventure, we’ll play wonderful games of coincidence and imagination. You’ll walk in Baudelaire’s forest of living symbols that are looking at us. You’ll develop a personal dictionary of symbols and discover their magnetic power to bring together inner and outer events. You’ll leave with a personal myth so deep and strong that it wants to take root in the world.

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Robert has led online, multi-week courses through The Shift Network since 2014. 

Here’s what some recent graduates of Robert’s programs on The Shift Network have to say about his Active Dreaming work:

Thank you Robert.  I cannot think of another person on the planet who could quite as powerfully (as you have done) create the space for a group like this one that travels far and high and wide and deep. You have a wonderful gift and way about you . . .and I too will have what the mythical man is having.  – Muriel

 I feel like I am living in at least two worlds and it has been a Magical Mystery Tour. Thank you dear Robert, I hope to join you for more adventures.  It’s such good company and I want to stay with this momentum!  - Deborah

There are no words to express my sense of gratitude and wonder. And I think I understand more fully the significance of anamnesis – that I am remembering what my soul already knew. Such a privilege to have participated in this course at this time.  Profound thanks to you, dear Robert, and heartfelt gratitude to the group. You have guided and supported me in a liberating and empowering soul journey over these months and I thank you for your generous authenticity and your wise guidance. - Kate

 I'm so grateful for your teaching and the kindness and compassion you bring to these lessons. Thank you.  - Marty

Thank you Robert and fellow soul voyagers for the journeys that just keep on giving. I would never have imagined how many beautiful gifts we could gather, return with and share together. It has been a trip of a lifetime and I give thanks to you all for your guidance, thoughts and beautiful teaching along the way. - Kirsten

Thank you Robert Moss for this wonderful class. This class was a journey of deepening self discovery for me. … There are journeys I am looking forward to repeating many times. - Lisa

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