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Level One

This exciting and vitally important program provides intensive training in the practice and teaching of the core techniques of Active Dreaming, including:

  • Opening and maintaining sacred space

  • Creating and leading dream circles

  • Raising group energy

  • Dream journaling

  • Dream sharing and the Lightning Dreamwork Process

  • Dream re-entry and tracking

  • Working with early warning and precognitive dreams

  • Working with dreams of the departed

  • Dreaming with spiritual guides

  • Healing through dreams

  • Creative dreamplay - drawing, writing, storytelling, performance from dreams

  • Ethics and responsibilities of Dream Teachers

We find may creative and challenging ways to build leadership and communications abilities;.  We prepare students at this level to teach the basic series of Dream School classes as well as to initiate and lead Active Dreaming circles, integrate Active Dreaming techniques with their existing practice, and introduce Active Dreaming processes to many different community, corporate and educational environments.


Level Two

In this program, our work deepens and we develop many further applications, preparing ourselves to bring the gifts of Active Dreaming into many different environments.  As we grow that wonderful circle energy and deepen our connections within our dream family, we test-fly new techniques and develop our practive as dream leaders, trackers and teachers of the core processes of Active Dreaming.

Techniques we will learn to teach, as well as practice, include: 

  • Creative dreaming

  • The art of dream theatre

  • Shamanic dreaming - working with the animal powers

  • Shared dreaming and group dream travel

  • Dream Transfer for healing

  • Community dreaming and mutual visioning

In the Level Two training, we study the Basics of Psychic Protection.  We deepen our understanding of the workings of the energy bodies, the nature of multidimensional reality, and the possibilities of dream travel.  We will develop new ways to grow dream communities in our neighborhoods and bring Active Dreaming techniques into many new environments where they are urgently needed.  We help each other to find practical applications of our training to other practices and to our professional and personal situations. Members of this program receive a new (Level Two) Manual of Practice.  Graduates receive a certificate of completion.

Level Three

This is the master class, the culmination of the 3-year training, and a course in human possibility.   We test-fly and improvise new techniques and applications of Active Dreaming, grow big dreams together, and find creative and spirited ways to help each other follow our best and bravest dreams.  We study the real history of dreaming -- the experience and practice of dream travel and dream healing -- across the whole sweep of human history and evolution  We embark on group journeys through many dreamgates into other times and other dimensions, and study together in the Dream School in a deeper reality.

Members of this program receive a new (Level Three) Manual of Practice.  Graduates receive a certificate of completion.



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