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The Hill of Howth, is a peninsula 8 km northeast of Dublin City Centre. Its ancient name is Beann Éadair, meaning the Hill of Edair ,( a local king), and appears on Greek Geographer/Astrologer Ptolemy’s map in 140 AD as Edros. The name Howth is a later addition from the old Norse, Hoved, meaning Headland, and signifying its importance in the Viking era.

Our workshop site is on the site of secluded and private nunnery on Carrickbrack Rd, Howth, Co. Dublin, D13 YK71 that runs soul centered workshops during the year. It’s a very special place, with lovely divine feminine energy. Incredible myth and  history surrounds it, from Neolithic structures, to tales of the ancient magical race, the Tuatha de Danann, to the dramas of Celts and Vikings, Anglo Normans and Barbary pirates and warrior queens. Its ancient name is Gleann na bhFianna, the Glen of the Fianna, a 1st century warrior militia, who protected Ireland from invasion, giving rise to the Fenian Cycle in Irish mythology. The lawns offer beautiful views across the bay to the islands of Ireland’s Eye and Lambay.

Our host, David Maddy, writes: Ériu, Queen of the Tuatha de Danann, extends a personal invitation to You, to Howth, once the royal entry point to Ireland long, long ago. Won’t you come ?

Early bird €350 for 3 day workshop, if paid in full before 1st May 2017.  €395 after 1st May.
Paypal online. Please contact David Maddy for details.

Friday & Saturday: 10am-5pm
Sunday: 10am-4pm

It is highly recommended that you take a taxi to travel to the site in Howth, if not hiring a car for the duration. Pooling could be an option. Taxi services are plentiful, due to the proximity to Dublin City, and can be pre booked. There are numerous cab companies in Dublin City Centre. From the local areas of Malahide, Portmarnock, Sutton. Dial a Cab, Main St. Malahide, ph: 01 808 0800 Coastal Cabs ph: 01 839 7777

There are a number of good hotels in the area:
The Marine Hotel, Sutton (5-10 min by car to site)The Portmarknock Hotel and Country Club
(15 min by car to site)
The Grand Hotel, Malahide (20 min by car to site)

Airbnb is plentiful in the Howth/Sutton area.  Staying within walking distance of the workshop site is recommended, if possible.( Please check  distance on Google maps)

There are no catering services available on site. However coffee shops and restaurants are plentiful, about 5mins by car in Howth Village. Alternatively, please bring a packed lunch, or we can arrange for lunch to be ordered from a local eatery , to be delivered to our site. Tea and Coffee will be provided.

David Maddy

Howth, Ireland

Friday-Sunday, June 9-11



In Ireland, they call it going Away. The world seems cold or cruel or indifferent, so a vital part of you leaves the body – or is lured away - and goes to live in another world, in a realm of Faerie or a garden behind the Moon. People in the ordinary world may not notice anything is gone from you, but you are missing something you need to be whole, to live fully and to create.

I will find out where she has gone,
And kiss her lips and take her hands;
And walk among long dappled grass,
And pluck till time and times are done
The silver apples of the moon,
The golden apples of the sun.

-          W.B. Yeats, “The Song of Wandering Aengus”

In “The Song of Wandering Aengus” Yeats gave us one of the greatest poems of soul and its transformations in all of literature. The poem keys us to understand how shamans can heal and rescue souls with the right songs and the enchantment of goodly speech, prized by the Celts above all other weapons and virtues. It will infuse our deep adventures in dreaming soul back home at a special place where Yeats spent some of his teen years.

Soul-loss, in shamanic understanding, is a primary source of illness, depression and mental confusion. We lose vital soul energy through pain and trauma and heartbreak, through wrenching life choices, and by giving up on our big dreams and ceasing to live the soul’s purpose. When we lose the energy of soul, the magic goes out of life. We are often fatigued for no apparent reason, we can’t experience joy or love, and there is a gaping hole in us that we try to fill with addictive behaviors. Soul-loss can put us in the procession of the walking dead, playing the roles that other people cast us for, no longer knowing who we are or why we are in this world.

Dream drought is an epidemic in modern society. It may be that if we have lost our dreams, it is because we have lost the bright dreamer in our souls, the one who went away. When we learn to reopen to dreams, they can show us where to find our missing parts, and how to bring them home.

In this adventure in healing and transformation, close to the spirits of land and water, of stone and trees, we’ll help each other to open the dreamgates, become shamanic healers for our own family of selves, and, welcome the energy and magic of soul back into our bodies and our daily lives. We’ll learn how to grow a dream for someone who does not have a dream. We will practice powerful Active Dreaming techniques including Lightning Dreamwork, dream reentry and journeying, shared dreaming, timefolding, dream transfer, dream theatre and navigating by synchronicity.

We’ll practice cultural, as well as personal, soul recovery and soul remembering, reclaiming ancient dreamways and keys to inspiration, wholeness and healing. We’ll practice dream incubation as the ancients did, seeking healing in the sacred night, traveling deep into realms of the Goddess. We’ll learn the ways of the vision-seer. We’ll learn how to screen and discern messages about the possible future that come through dreams, intuitive states and the sign language of the world. We’ll borrow the keen sight and the eyes of Raven to scout out the possible future for ourselves and our communities, traveling across time and space and dimensional boundaries and bring back helpful information.

We’ll go singing into the dreamlands and return with new songs, in the spirit of the inspired ones, the poet-seers. We’ll learn to reach across time to heal ancestral wounds, discharge karmic burdens, and reclaim ancient rituals.

We’ll recollect and embody what the old ones knew:

  • The doors of the Otherworld open from wherever you are

  • The visible world is the skin of the invisible multiverse

  • True shamans can heal the body and call the soul home with story, song and poetic enchantments.

  • By entering the portal of a dream, you can find your way to worlds of magic, healing and adventure, reclaim parts of your own vital soul that went missing – and meet the beloved of your soul

  • Everything is alive and conscious and we are connected with all animate life

  • The distance between the living and the dead is thinner than your eyelids

  • The ancestors are talking, talking. We need to discern who and what is with us and which relations we need to heal, end or affirm.

  • Real magic is the art of bringing gifts from another world to this one. We do this when we go dreaming and bring back guidance and energy for our everyday lives, and when we wake up to the fact that the everyday world will speak to us in the manner of dreams if we open our senses..

We’ll grow the sacred space and compassionate circle energy that make the extraordinary easy. We’ll honor our healing journeys through spontaneous ritual, art, storytelling and performance and play wonderful games to delight our homecoming children and our juicy, creative, star-remembering selves – and develop strategies to keep them happily engaged in our everyday lives.

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